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Original Cartoons by myself in the form of an 11mb pdf. Over 60 cartoons drawn from 2009. Wide range of laughs, surreal and more. Just click the link below to download from oronjo.


Cartoon book pdf Download.

 Original music mp3 by myself. Just click the links to download. Recorded with midi keyboard 2010/2011.

£0.91 per track!

Apple Trees mp3 Download.

[Melodic, mellow track with strong melodies...tuneful chill-out.]

Telstar 2010 remix.

[Strong driving tune with drums and keyboard. Reminiscent of Joe Meek recording.]


Countdown 1 mp3

[Uptempo techno backed track with hard riffs and effects.]

apple trees 1.mp3

telstar 2 remix.mp3

countdown 1.mp3